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Performance Analysis of Stylistic Features of Scott Mcallister's Selected Works for Solo Clarinet
Days of Bliss Are in Store
Clarinet Compositions of Ruth Schonthal
Pastoral Poetry and Stravinsky
Two Movements for Orchestra
Stanley Hasty
Reference Guide to Beginning Clarinet Methods
Life and Music of Canadian Jazz Clarinetist Phil Nimmons
Annotated Guide to Gary Schocker's Music for Flute and Piccolo
Annotated Bibliography of Oboe Books from Beginning Band Methods
Eric Mandat
Eastern and Western Aesthetics and Influences in the Twenty-First Century Flute Concerti of Chinese-Born American Composers
Rodeo Queen of Heaven (2010)
Mr. Mitty, a Tone Poem for Bassoon and Chamber Ensemble by Nansi Carroll
Annotated Bibliography of Published Duets for Clarinet and Marimba Available in the United States
Life and Music of John Boda with an Emphasis on His Saxophone Works
Women in Music
Oboe Works of Benjamin Britten
Exploration of Extra-Musical Issues in the Music of Don Byron
Biographical Study of the Trombone Soloists of the John Philip Sousa Band
Reexamining the Standard Clarinet Repertoire
Musical Culture in New York in the 1960S
Catalog of Compositions for Unaccompanied Clarinet Published Between 1978 and 1982, with an Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works
Analysis and New Edition of Julius Weissenborn's Method for Bassoon
Comparison of Performance Practice of Selected Clarinet Passages in Orchestral Auditions and Orchestral Performances
Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century American Clarinetists
Life and Contributions of Charles Oliver Delaney with a Survey of His Compositional Style within His Solo Flute          Works
Common Injuries Among College Clarinetists
Historical and Performance Perspectives for Oboe from Selected Chamber Repertoire
Tracing the Development of Early Classical Style
Edmund Von Borck
Laurence Sherr
Life and Teaching of Flutist Albert Tipton
Chalumeau in Eighteenth-Century Vienna
Performer's Approach to William Bolcom's Concerto in D for Violin and Orchestra
Performance Guide to the Music for Flute and Piano by Philippe Gaubert
Clarinetists of the John Philip Sousa Band
Review of Eight University Clarinet Studios
Great Gatsby