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Instructional Preferences of First-Year College Students with Below-proficient          Information Literacy Skills
Peritextual Literacy Framework
Undergraduate Perceptions of Information Literacy
Role Of Inter-professional Collaboration To Support Science Learning
Survey of Information Literacy Instructional Practices in U.S. Academic Libraries
Peritext Book Club
Self Perceptions of Leadership Potential
Growing Up with Harry Potter
Consumer Health Information Behavior in Public Libraries
Exploring the Information-Seeking Behavior of the Staff and Students of the Florida Virtual School
Gifted Youth and Their Hobbies
Interacting with Health Information for Self-Care
What's Expected, What's Required, and What's Measured
Proposing a Theoretical Framework for Digital Age Youth Information Behavior Building Upon Radical Change Theory
Everyday Writing Assessment
Urban Principals' Perceptions of School Librarians' Technology Leadership Roles
Role of Motivation in International ESL Graduate Students' Engagement with Writing at the University Writing Center
We Could Do Better
Found in Translation
Multi-Method Evaluation of Federal Web Sites in Terms of Access for Individuals to Records Maintained by Executive          Agencies
As Close as Hands
Examining the Role of Anxiety and Apathy in Health Consumers' Intentions to Use Patient Health Portals for Personal Health          Information Management
Diffusion of Innovations in Education
Leadership Role of School Librarians in the Adoption of Digital Textbooks
Less than Perfect World
Information Worlds of School Librarians as Digital Learning Leaders
Empathetic Librarian
Perceptions of School Library Media Specialists in Promoting Student Intrinsic Motivation
In- and Out-of-Character
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Factors Affecting Computer Use Among Older Adult Users
Library Is a Place You Can Lose Your Innocence without Losing Your Virginity
Tipping the Balance in Privacy Calculus
Teaching Stories without Borders inside a Box