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Structure, Dynamics and Proton Conductance Mechanism of the M2 Protein Histidine Tetrad
Neuromodulation of Mitral Cells by Serotonin and GLP-1 Neurons in the Olfactory Bulb and the Consequences of Gene Deletion of             Kv1.3
Symmetry and Simplicity in Protein Evolution and Design
Allosteric Activation of Human Glucokinase
Characterization of Protein Sequence Variants and Posttranlational Modifications by Top-down Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Metabolism and Redox Cycle in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell with Culture Induced Senescence
Effects of Lipids and Hydrophobic Surfaces on Aβ Aggregated Structures
Thick Filament Origins of Cross-Bridges in Rigor Insect Flight Muscle
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Metabolism under Different Environmental Conditions
Structure and Dynamics Study of Cu Transporting Atpase by NMR
Structural Insights into the R2TP Complex
Immunodetection of Porcine Blood in Foods
Cellular Stress Response Induced by Aggregation in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Activates Cellular Rejuvenation Pathways
Challenges in Characterizing Membrane Proteins and Intrinsically Disordered Regions Involved in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cell Division
Importance of Molecular Weight and Succinylation of the Bacterial Exopolysaccharide Succinoglycan for the Symbiosis of Sinorhizobium Meliloti in the Host Plant Medicago Truncatula
Interaction of Hepatitis C Virus Protein Ns5A with Host Cofactor Cyclophilin A
Novel FT-ICR Ion Trap for Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Its Biological Application
Hypothalamic Factors Involved in the Regulation of Prolactin Surges in Female Rats
Influencing Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior with Small Molecular Compounds
Cancer Immune Evasion Mechanisms and the Role of Granzyme B in Tumor Progression