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What Type of Communication during Conflict is Beneficial for Intimate Relationships?
Implications of life-history strategies for obesity.
When power shapes interpersonal behavior
Capturing the Interpersonal Implications of Evolved Preferences? Frequency of Sex Shapes Automatic, but Not Explicit, Partner Evaluations.
Longitudinal Associations Among Relationship Satisfaction, Sexual Satisfaction, and Frequency of Sex in Early Marriage.
Do Alcohol and Marijuana Increase the Risk for Female Dating Violence Victimization? A Prospective Daily Diary Investigation.
Who Is Having More And Better Sex? The Big Five As Predictors Of Sex In Marriage
Trait Anger and Partner-Specific Anger Management Moderate the Temporal Association Between Alcohol Use and Dating Violence.
Expectations for future relationship satisfaction
Divide and Conquer
Want to Stand Out or Blend in?
Adding Insult to Injury
Inflammation during Marital Conflict
Modification of Hostile Interpretation Bias in Depression
Assessing the Independence of Explicitly- and Implicitly- Assessed Relationship Evaluations
Behavioral Immune System Activity Predicts Downregulation Of Chronic Basal Inflammation
Pitfalls of Prestige
Tevatron Run Ii Combination Of The Effective Leptonic Electroweak Mixing Angle
Combined Forward-backward Asymmetry Measurements In Top-antitop Quark Production At The Tevatron