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Family Narrative/Music Therapy
Relationship Between Childhood Bullying Victimization and Social Competence in Emerging Adulthood
Interpersonal Identity Development and Academic Achievement during Early          Adolescence
Predictors of Academic Acheivement during Early Childhood
Cross-Cultural Study of Adolescent Identity Formation and Autonomy within the Context of Parent-Adolescent Relationships
Reservation Neighborhoods and Schools
Role of Siblings in the Identity Formation Process of Emerging Adults
Assessing the Post-Secondary Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in Florida
Evaluating the Impact of the Pac Success Academy on Court-Mandated Families
Relationship Between Familial and Extrafamilial Voice and Support for Voice and Identity Exploration in African American Emerging Adults
Relationships Between Ethnic Identity and Eating Disordered Behavior and Attitudes          Among Black and White College Females
Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Knowledge, Self-Esteem, and Sexual Attitudes in Emerging Adult Females
Caregiver Well-Being
Relationship Between Nutritional Risk Factors, Nutritional Risk Indicators, and the Severity of Physical Disability within Older Adult Home Delivered Meal Program          Participants
Long-Term Influence of Father Involvement on Emerging Adults' Psychological Well-Being
Transmission of Wisdom
Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use Among Adolescents Involved with the Child Welfare System
Long-Term Influence of Family Contexts and Processes in Biological Families and Stepfather Families on Young Adult Children's Intimate Relationships
Indulgent Parenting and the Life Satisfaction of College Students
Influence of Early Parent Involvement on Later Learning- Related Social Skills
Placement Instability in the Foster Care System
African American Parents' Influence on Children's Reading Achievement
"Raising Daughters and Loving Sons"
Coping Strategies and Spousal Support and the Career Success of Women Faculty          Members
Relationship Between Hip Hop Music and Videos and Identity Achievement Status          within Adolescent Youth
Foster Caregiver Risk and Protective Factors, Satisfaction, and Intent to Continue Fostering
Relationship Between Self Reported Trauma, Complicated Grief, and Depression Among College Students
Relationship of Adolescent Attachment to Parents and Peers with Therapeutic          Alliance
Exploring Sibling Relationships Among Youth in Foster Care
Parenting Among Women Sexually Abused in Childhood