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Co-Creation of Information Systems
Privacy Management Behavior in Virtual Communities
Justification of Unethical Behavior
Compulsive Technology Use
Improved Flood Prediction from Basin Elevation Distribution
Co-Creation of Value
Cultural Determinants of Media Choice for Deception
Leader-Member Relationships in Virtual World Teams
Is Bigger Always Better?
Empirical Investigation of Factors Affecting Organizational Adoption of Virtual Worlds
Computer-Mediated Communication of Emotions
Computerized Decision Support of Value-Based Decision-Making
Effects of Computer Support, Social Facilitation, and Arousal of Suspicion on Group Deceptive Communication
Information Security Awareness
Assessment of Online Learners' Performance Using Effective Note-Taking in Chat in Online Learning (ENCO)
To Catch A Liar
Institutionalization of Information Security Governance Structures in Academic          Institutions
Role of Political Skill in the Leadership Process‐Work Outcomes Relationships
Investigation of the Impact of the Structure and Quality of Relationships on Knowledge Exchange and Individual Performance
Creation of New Knowledge Through the Transfer of Existing Knowledge
Building Trust
Running the ERP Marathon
Training, Warning, and Media Richness Effects on Computer-Mediated Deception and Its          Detection
Effects of Group Member Experience and Task Complexity on Computer-Mediated Collaborative Groups Facing Deception
Going with the Flow
Institutional Influences and Control of Software Development Projects
Effects of Strategically Developed Work Relationships on Personal Reputation
Understanding Post-Adoption Diffusion Behaviors