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Folding Nucleus Structure Persists in Thermally-Aggregated FGF-1
Solid State NMR Structural Analysis of the RADA16-I Designer Self-Assembling Peptide
Developing a Novel Two-Stage Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Enhanced Bioprocessing
Intracellular MRI Contrast Agents for High Magnetic Fields
Intracellular MRI Contrast Agents for High Magnetic Fields
Solid State NMR Structural Analysis of Designer Self-Assembling Proteins
Multiscale Characterization of Azobenzene Polymers
Peptide Nanostructure Formation Through Self-Assembly
Effect of Length of 1-Alkene on Melt Memory of Crystallization Above the Equilibrium Melting Temperature of Random          Ethylene Copolymers
Unusual Temperature Dependence of the Crystal Growth Rates of Bromine Substituted Polyethylenes
Solid-State NMR Evaluation of Molecular Structural Engineering for Controlled Peptide Self-Assembly
Conductivity Measurements in Activated Abdominal Ganglia from Aplysia Californica Using MREIT at 11.75 T
Preparation and Integration of Β-Amyloid Peptide Nanofibers onto Microfabricated Electrodes for Sensing Applications
Effects of Lipids and Hydrophobic Surfaces on Aβ Aggregated Structures
PCL-PDMS-PCL Copolymer-Based Microspheres Mediate Cardiovascular Differentiation from Embryonic Stem Cells
Development of Microcontact Printing Techniques for Fabricating Functional Micropatterns and Microparticles for Biomedical Applications