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School Leadership, Trust and Teacher Job Satisfaction Is It a Potential Strategy for Raising Student Achievement?
Understanding College Readiness Experiences of Rural High School Students in Pursuit of Postsecondary Education
Merit Aid, College Affordability, and Prestige
Impacts of High School Class Schedule on Class Size and Student Achievement
Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement
African American and Latino Student Enrollment Trends Following the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007
Relationship Between Unemployment and College Enrollment and Success Outcomes
Father's Early Engagement
Vertical Transfer Student Experience
Giving Them a Voice
Exploration of the Underrepresented Minority Medical Student Experience
Effects of Race to the Top on Students' Science Achievement
Limited-Resource Institutions as Casualties of the NCAA's Academic Reform
Graduation Caps for All
Student Diversity in Higher Education
Wicor after High School
Preschool Full-Day, Part-Day, or Not at All
Using State Policy Determinants to Predict For-Profit Undergrraduate Enrollment Share at Degree-Granting Institutions
Case Study Exploration of First-Generation and Low-Income College Students Facing Academic Distress Decision-Making in Regards to          Financing Their Education
Investigation into College Mathematics in a Florida State College Pre-and Post-Optional Developmental Education Legislation
Class Size and Student Achievement
Development of Student Skill, Will, and Self-Regulation through Participation in a First-Year Seminar Course
Understanding the Transition Experience of Students Transferring from a Latin American International Branch Campus to Its Us Main Campus
Teachers' Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale in the Virtual Setting
Essays in Applied Microeconomics
Aid and College Success
Investigation of a College Freshmen Study Abroad Program
Examining the Effectiveness of the American Association of Community Colleges' Pathways Project in the Florida College System
Examination of Stressors Experienced by Second-Year Students in an Online Medical Education Program
Content Analysis of Parental Outreach and Assistance within English Language Learner Plans by School Districts in Florida
Bridging the Medical Pipeline