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BladeFoil - Evidence for a Common Ancestor Between the Beta-Trefoil and Beta-Propeller Protein Architectures
Ab initio Folding of a Trefoil-fold Motif Reveals Structural similarity with a β-propeller Blade Motif
Patterns and Processes of Diversification in Salamanders of the Subfamily Spelerpinae (Caudata
Dune and Shoreline Evolution of Western Santa Rosa Isand, Florida, 1973-2013
Adaptation, Diversification, and Desert Ecology of the Most Diverse Order of Mammals (Mammalia, Rodentia)
Design and Analysis of Response Surface Designs with Restricted Randomization
Phylogeny and Character Change in the Feloid Carnivora
Quantifying the Effects of Increased Storminess and Sea-Level Change on the Morphology of Sandy Barrier Islands along the Northwestern and Atlantic Coasts of Florida
Causes of Shoreline Recession in the Chao Phraya Delta