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From Scribbles to Scrabble
Examining the contribution of handwriting and spelling to written expression in kindergarten children.
Name-writing proficiency, not length of name, is associated with preschool children's emergent literacy skills.
Contributions of Emergent Literacy Skills to Name Writing, Letter Writing, and Spelling in Preschool Children.
Emergent Writing in Preschoolers
Improving Kindergarten Students' Writing Outcomes Using Peer-assisted Strategies
Learning to write letters
Dimensionality and Reliability of Letter Writing in 3- to 5-Year-Old Preschool Children.
Evaluating the dimensionality of first-grade written composition.
Exploring the Amount and Type of Writing Instruction during Language Arts Instruction in Kindergarten Classrooms.
Development of oral reading fluency in children with speech or language impairments
Modeling the development of written language.
Predicting kindergartners' end of year spelling ability from their reading, alphabetic, vocabulary, and phonological awareness skills, and prior literacy experiences.