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Degradation and Fate of Hydrocarbons in Deepwater Horizon Oil Mats Buried in Submerged Permeable Sands
Effects of Parental Monitoring on Aggressive Behavior among Youth in the United States and South Korea
Beliefs about Alcohol Use among Youth during Early Adolescence
Can Motivation Increase Compensatory Effects of Alcohol Placebos on Cognitive Performance?
Associations Between Relationships with Biological and Foster Parents, Self-Esteem, and Delinquency for Adolescents in Foster Care
Understanding the Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms and Alcohol Use
Beyond the Bedroom
Type and Source of Support as Predictors of Parenting Stress in Adolescent Mothers
Effects of Degree Type, the Integration Process, and External Factors on Degree Completion for Mothers in College
Foster Caregiver Risk and Protective Factors, Satisfaction, and Intent to Continue Fostering
Committed Romantic Relationships of College Students
Household Composition and Psychological Well-Being
Validation of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) in Treatment-Seeking Substance Abusers Using Cue Reactivity Methodology
Aging Out of Foster Care with Disabilities
Impact of Perceived Social Support on Event Stressfulness, Core Beliefs Disruption, and Posttraumatic Growth in College Students
Parental Warmth and Juvenile Delinquency
Performance of Cart-Based Value-Added Model Against Hlm, Multiple Regression, and Student Growth Percentile Value-Added Models
Stress Appraisal, Perceived Controllability, and Coping Function of Youth Volleyball Players
Socio-Political Context, Chronic Stress and Birth Outcomes
Exploration of the Effects of Primary and Secondary Trauma on Child Welfare Workers' Mental Health and Commitment to the Field
Women in French Studies