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Family Art Therapy
Family and Community Influences on Adolescent and Young Adult Development
Exploratory Case Study of Fathers Who Massaged Their Infants
Preschool Parents' and Teachers' Perspective of Learning Through Play
Inter-Parental Conflict, Religiosity, and Attitudes Towards Partner Aggression Among          College Students
Longitudinal Comparison of Vocational and Non-Vocational Education Students in Leon          County Public Secondary Schools
Relationship of Body Mass Index Leves, Nutriton Knowledge, Influences on Food Choices, Dietary Habits, and Nutrition Education of Adolescent Students
Psychosocial Predictors of Depressive Symptomatology Among Young Adults with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection
Impact of Age-Ambiguous and Sexualized Clothing Styles on the Self-Concept of Early          Adolescent Females
Low-Income African American Parents' Views About the Value of Play for Their Preschool Age Children in Head Start
Transmission of Wisdom
Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Coping Strategies and Relationship Satisfaction
Understanding Stress and the Quality of Life for Adolescent Children of Clergy
Attachment Theory and Romantic Relationships
Meanings and Experiences of Parent Intuition and Competence
Parental Satisfaction with Center-Based Child Care and Life Satisfaction
Effects of a Short-Term Intervention for Adolescents in Juvenile Justice and Their Families
Exploratory Study of Jamaican Family and Consumer Sciences Educators' Attitudes Toward Research Engagement, Perceptions of Research Norms, and Perceived Control          over Conducting Research and Research Engagement
Expressed Coping Strategies and Techniques Among African American Families in North Florida Who Are Living with Chronic Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease
Adolescent Group Therapy
Value Patterns of Undergraduate Family and Consumer Sciences Education Majors
Role of Siblings in the Identity Formation Process of Emerging Adults
Role of Family Values and Perceived Family Social Support in Stress Appraisal Among Black and White College Students
Factors Impacting Professional Practice in Sexuality Education, Therapy, and Research
African American Parents' Influence on Children's Reading Achievement
Relationship Between Hip Hop Music and Videos and Identity Achievement Status          within Adolescent Youth
Fathers of Children with Educational Disabilities
Adaptation to Parental Gender Transition
Spirituality, Religion, and Resilience Among Military Families
Analysis of the Function of Systemic Variables within Forgiving and Unforgiving Families
Invisible Woman Mature Female Consumers 50 to 64
Are Individual Forgiveness Interventions for Adults More Effective than Group Interventions?
Grandparenting Experiences
Effects of Acquired Hearing Loss on Spouses' Perceived Marital Adjustment
Impact of Social Media on Division I Athletes
Predicting Sexual Behaviors Among African American College Students
Parental Warmth and Juvenile Delinquency
Couples' Prior Quality of Relationship, Present Attachment, Adjustment, and Depressive Symptoms with Early Stage Alzheimer's
Parenting Among Women Sexually Abused in Childhood
Family of Origin Dynamics and Youth Sexual Development
Re-Defining Fatherhood
Preliminary Examination of the Psychometric Properties of the Pfeiffer Emotional Intelligence Scale
Emotion Regulation Process in Parents
Emerging Adult African American Men