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Pairing Correlations and Phase Transitions in Mesoscopic Systems
Precision Measurement of the 1S2S 1S0 – 1S2P 3P1 Interval in Helium-like Silicon          Using Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy
Emergence of Collective Phenomena in Systems with Random Interactions
High-Spin Nuclear Structure of 168,170Ta and Triaxial Strongly Deformed Structure in          160Yb
Thermonuclear Flashes on H/He Accreting Co White Dwarfs and Structure of Exotic Nuclei
Techniques for Probing the Effects of Three-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamics in Type Ia Supernovae
Experimental Study of the Proton Capture on 25Al Using the 25Al(d,n)26Si Reaction in Inverse Kinematics
Clustering in ¹⁸O and ANC Measurements Using (⁶Li,D) Reactions
Helium Atom Scattering Study of the Surface Structure and Dynamics of KCl(001) and Potassium Tantalate (KTaO₃) Doped with          Lithium and Niobium
Study of Rare-Earth Magnetism Through Spectroscopic Studies of Lanthanide-Based Single Crystals
Superconductivity and Quantum Phase Transitions in Ultrathin Amorphous Pb Films
Clustering Phenomena in the a = 10 T = 1 Isobaric Multiplet
Single Crystal Growth and Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Pb₂V₃₀₉
Cluster Structure of Oxygen Isotopes
Analytic Approach to Estimating the Required Surplus, Benchmark Profit, and Optimal Reinsurance Retention for an Insurance Enterprise
Sensitivity of Neutron Star Properties to the Equation of State
Search for the Dark Matter Signature in the Lepton Jet Final State √(S) = 7 TeV
Magnetic Field Dependent Properties of the Spin-Peierls Chain in the Organic Conductor Per₂Pt[mnt]₂
Search for Large Extra Dimensions via Single Photon Plus Missing Energy Final States at √S =1.96 TeV
Lowest ℓ = 0 Proton Resonance in Si-26 and Its Implications for the Stellar Nucleosynthesis of Al-26.
Nuclear Structure of Neutron Rich 34P Using in-Beam Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
Study of Useful Inflatables
Investigation of the Neutron-Rich Oxygen Isotopes at the Drip Line