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Deep-C Research Year 1
Geology of the Talladega Slate Belt and the Foreland Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Talladega          County, Alabama
Accurate and Precise Determination of Low Concentration Iron, Arsenic, Selenium, Cadmium, and Other Trace Elements in Natural Samples by Octopole Collision/Reaction Cell (CRC) Equipped Quadrupole-ICP-Ms
Geochemical and Geochronological Investigations in the Southern Appalachians, Southern          Rocky Mountains and Deccan Traps.
Mantle Source Compositions by LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Volcanic Glasses from Hawaii and the Mid-Oceanic Ridges
Geochemistry of Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Water
New Understanding of the Heat Treatment of Nb-Sn Superconducting Wires
Atmospheric Mercury Wet Deposition along the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Compositional Evolution of Iiab Iron Meteorites
Gravity and Geochemical Constraints on the Structure and Evolution of the El Valle Volcano, Panamá
Geochemical Analysis of Rare Earth Elements Associated with Significant Sedimentary Phosphate Deposits of West-Central Florida
Using Thallium Isotopes in the ~2.63 Ga Jeerinah Formation from Hamersley Basin, Western Australia, to Constrain Ancient Seafloor          Oxygenation
Interplay of Orders in La-214 Cuprates
Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Phosphorus, and Trace Metals
Mantle Xenolith Perspective on Trace Element Partitioning, Oxygen Fugacity and Isotope Systematics of Subducted Oceanic Lithosphere
Speciation of Organic Phosphorous in Soils and Surface Waters by Liquid Chromatography with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Detection
Rhenium Isotopic Compositions of Iron Meteorites
Lanthanide Humic Substances Interactions Determined by Capillary Electrophoresis Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Investigation of Ag-Sheathed Multi-Filamentary Bi₂Sr₂Cacu₂O[8-X] Superconducting Round Wires Processed with Overpressure, for                 High Field Magnets
Insights on the Development of Oceanic Core Complexes Through the Geochemistry of Basalts at 16.5°N on the Mid-Atlantic                 Ridge
Mercury Isotopic Composition of Fish, Including Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca microlepis) and Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) as Constraints of Mercury Cycling in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Geology and Geochemistry of the Western Panamá Canal Basin Volcanic Arc Rocks
Isolation of Marine Siderophores by Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography
Disordered Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems
Geochemical Study of Mantle Processes and Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Dynamic Physicochemical Influences on Speleothem Paleoclimate Proxy Archives
Magnesium Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Foraminifera
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in the Sea Surface Microlayer