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Guidelines for the design and development of consumer performance assessments relevant to social service environments
Making Symbolic Meaning Through the Engagement of Intercultural Exchanges
Phenomenological Examination of an Intensive Art Education and Cultural Learning          Program for South Korean Teachers at Florida State University
Case Study of a Summer Music Camp and the Impact of Participation on Perceptions of the College of Music and the Hosting University
Charter School Board Characteristics, Composition and Practices and Charter School Outcomes
Inclusive Curatorial Practices
Teacher Knowledge of Students and Enactment of Motivational Strategies in Teaching the Concept of Function
Relationships of Life Stressors and Perceptions About Tutorial Services in          Student-Athletes
Women's Voices on College Drinking
Toward an Understanding of the Needs of Sport Spectators with Disabilities
Role of Systems Design and Educational Informatics in Educational Reform
Developing and Experiencing Visitor-Centered Exhibitions with the Supported Interpretation (SI) Model
Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement
Exploration of the Underrepresented Minority Medical Student Experience
Graduation Caps for All
Wicor after High School
Understanding College Readiness Experiences of Rural High School Students in Pursuit of Postsecondary Education
Policymaking in Florida's Juvenile Justice Education
Perceptions of Personalization for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning in High Schools
Development of Student Skill, Will, and Self-Regulation through Participation in a First-Year Seminar Course
Understanding the Transition Experience of Students Transferring from a Latin American International Branch Campus to Its Us Main Campus
Investigation of a College Freshmen Study Abroad Program
Examining the Effectiveness of the American Association of Community Colleges' Pathways Project in the Florida College System
Examination of Stressors Experienced by Second-Year Students in an Online Medical Education Program
Socialization of U.S. Doctoral-Degree Students into Evaluation Professionals
Application of the Teddlie and Stringfield School Effectiveness Model
Middle School Reading Coach
Effects of Process-Oriented and Product-Oriented Worked Examples and Prior Knowledge on Learner Problem Solving and Attitude
Examination of Self-Regulated Learning and Professional Growth within Online, Informal Communities of Practice
Evaluation of an International Service Experience and Students' Intercultural Competence
Demystifying the Advisor’s Role in Doctoral Students’ Persistence during the Dissertation Stage
Getting Kids Ready to Read
Cultural Competency in Evaluation
Flipped Learning and 21st Century Literacies
Analysis of FEMA Curricular Outcomes in an Emergency Management and Homeland Security Certificate Program— a Case Study Exploring Instructional Practice
Deciphering the Meaning of Puns in Learning English as a Second Language
Florida Certified Minority Business Enterprise Adoption and Utilization of Electronic Commerce
Effects of Model-Centered Instruction and Levels of Learner Expertise on Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Engagement with Ill-Structured Problem Solving
Implications of Sexuality Education in Florida 1990-2007
Measuring Mathematics and Science Teacher Effectiveness Using Advanced Course-Taking in High School
Can Self-Esteem Protect Against Negative Ramifications of Self-Objectification in Men and Women?