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Cuban-U.S. Transnational Relationship
As Advertised
Stirring the American Melting Pot
It's a Man's World
Cascade of Intervention?
Cultural Modernization in Southern Cotton Mills
Role of U.S. Women Diplomats Between 1945 and 2004
Evolution of German-Jewish Intermarriage Laws and Practices in Germany to 1900
Setting the Stage
Widow Sunday
Uncertain Times
Evolution of Dutch American Identities, 1847-Present
Radie Britain
Love's Working Arm
Revolutionary Marriage
From Pearl Harbor to Peace
Aftermath of Sorrow
"And They'll March with Their Brothers to Freedom"
Road to Prohibition
Singing Faith
Higher Education/Student Affairs Master's Students' Preparation and Development as Leadership Educators
Few, the Proud
Empire of Direct Mail
Revitalizing Feminist Ethics for Composition Studies
Developing Southern Libraries to Influence the Life of the African-American User
Rape in the American Civil War
Cost of a Moral Army Masculinity and the Construction of a Respectable British Army 1850-1885
Certain Kind of Southern
Uncertain Times
Mr. Sa's Buddhas
Tempered Inclusion
Recognizing the 'Learned Lady' in the English Upper Class, 1750-1860
Europa and the Bull
Dancing Americana