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Economic Foundations of Interstate Conflict in the Developing World
Foreign Aid to the Rescue?
Privatization and Economic Growth
Repression, Dissent, and the Onset of Civil War
Do Levels of Governance Make a Difference?
Ideology and Social Attitudes
Between the Global and the Local
Bilateral Investment Treaty
Consumer Preferences and the Political Economy of Trade
Credible Commitment Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment
Political Change in Ethnically Diverse Societies
Hopes and Impediments for a Democratic Transition in Africa
Explaining European Ambivalence Towards Turkish Membership in the European Union
Rebel Capability and Civil War Severity
Participation Matters
Role of International Alliances in Civil War Onset
University Faculty Contribution to Study Abroad Programs
Development and Consequences of Heterogeneous Beliefs about Military Power and Supremacy
Explaining Urban Social Unrest and Violent Civil Conflict
Disaggregating Financial Liberalization
Future of Indo-China Relations
Ideas, Interests, and American Economic Competitiveness
Conflict, Cooperation, and the World's Legal Systems
Deterrence and Clarity
Attitudes in Time and Space
Bilateral Trade and Conflict
Who Recognizes?
Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment.