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Cocaine-induced neurodevelopmental deficits and underlying mechanisms.
Deletion of Gαq in the telencephalon alters specific neurobehavioral outcomes.
glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist exendin-4 reduces cocaine self-administration in mice.
Effects of Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy on Stress and Cortisol Levels in Graduate and Professional-Level Students
Is There a Biofeedback Response to Art Therapy?
Mechanisms of Oxytocin Regulation of Sensory Processing and Sociality in Mice and Humans
OCD candidate gene /EAAT3 impacts basal ganglia-mediated activity and stereotypic behavior.
Impact of Maternal Serotonin Transporter Genotype on Placental Serotonin, Fetal Forebrain Serotonin, and Neurodevelopment.