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Developmental Education Reform in Florida
Relationship Between Type of Sport Participation, Engagement Behaviors, and Educational Outcomes
Philanthropic Motivation Patterns at Florida Community Colleges
Left Behind
Aligning High School and College Instruction
University as an Employer
Leadership Development of College Students and the Influence of Spiritual Growth
Understanding Cost Patterns in Post-Secondary Institutions
Exploring the Difference in Undergraduate Student Success Between Rising College Juniors and Transfer Students from the Florida College System
Landscape of Federal Programs Addressing Access to Higher Education by Low-Income Students Between 1964 and 1993
Vertical Transfer Student Experience
Analysis of Performance-Based Funding Policies and Recommendations for the Florida College System
Merit Aid, College Affordability, and Prestige
Performance Funding and Higher Education Administrators
African American and Latino Student Enrollment Trends Following the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007
Relationship Between Unemployment and College Enrollment and Success Outcomes