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Racial, Ethnic, and Class Variation in Exposure to Environmental Toxins
Beyond the Body Burden
Association Between Social Support, Stress Exposure, and Maternal Postpartum Depression
Life Course Perspective of the Relationship Between Social Participation and Health Among Older Adults
Sexual Orientation Differences in Health Status and Treatment Seeking Behaviors Among Older Adults
Racial and Ethnic Trends in Vaccination Coverage among Adolescents
Care Receipt and Care Provision in Parent-Adult Child Relationships
Gendered Patterns in Housework and Their Influence on Mid- to Later Life Marital Quality
Depression, Fear, and Hopelessness
Grandparenting Experiences
College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Racial Differences in the Manifestation of Mental Illness Among Older                 Adults
Assessment of the Relationship Between Health Behaviors, Physiological Dysregulation, and Mortality for Black, White, and Mexican Americans in the U.S.
Regression Methods for Skewed and Heteroscedastic Response with High-Dimensional Covariates
Effects of Paid Work on Health in Later Life
Pathways to Family Formation in an Era of Student Loan Debt
Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children’s Health into Young Adulthood
Resilience through Adversity
Disablement Process of Aging United States Veterans