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Association Between Social Support, Stress Exposure, and Maternal Postpartum Depression
Maternal Incarceration and Young Adult Arrest
Kids Are Alright…but Are the Parents?
Examining the Self-Efficacy of High-Achieving First Generation College Students
Role of Stereotypes, Threat, and Public Attitudes on the Federal Sentencing of Hispanic Non-Citizens
Exploring Sibling Relationships Among Youth in Foster Care
Concerns about Misidentification as Gay/Lesbian and Fear of Sexual Advances
Co-Parenting in the Context of Divorce
Latinx College Student Narratives of Familism and College Persistence
I'm Used to Having to Look at Myself through Somebody Else's Eyes
Young Adult Military Service and College Success
Young Women's Engagement in Employment and Childrearing Roles
Socio-Political Context, Chronic Stress and Birth Outcomes
Differences in Employment Outcomes between Persons with and Wthout Disabilities
Pathways to Family Formation in an Era of Student Loan Debt
Decision Making
Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children’s Health into Young Adulthood