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Occupational Attainment And Depressive Symptoms In Young Adulthood
Sexuality-Free Careers?
Moral Identity in Friendships between Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Students and Straight Students in College
Sexual Orientation, Partnership Status, And Work Patterns Among Us Young Adults
Gender Composition of the Occupation, Sexual Orientation, and Mental Health in Young Adulthood
Continuation of Intimate Partner Violence from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.
Association between Romantic Relationships and Delinquency in Adolescence and Young Adulthood.
Gendered, Sexual, and Religious Transformations in an LGBT Chrisitan Organization
Sexuality and Larger Bodies
Body Mass Index Trajectories and Health-Risk Behaviors
Music and Queer Culture
Examining the Effects of Family, Friends, and School Contexts on the Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents in Same-Race and Interracial Romantic          Relationships
Consequences of Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders for Social Contact and          Psychosocial Resources
Diversity in the Work Lives of Gays and Lesbians
Pan in Japan
Influence of Risk Assessment Instruments on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders
Association Between Marital Status and Health
Examining Organization Learning in Public Sector Organizations
Magnet School Choice and Its Impacts on Student Achievement and Racial and Socio-Economic Segregation in Florida
Worship Service Attendance, Physical Limitations, and the Successful Aging of Mexican American Elders
Working It Out on the Dance Floor
Pursuing STEM and Related Careers
Gender and Power in Relationships
Private Interests and Public Schools
Examining Hometown Environments and University Experiences
Anchoring Power through Identity in Online Communication
Haciendose un Líder
Grandparenting Experiences
Emotional Labor in Public Service Roles
College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Racial Differences in the Manifestation of Mental Illness Among Older                 Adults
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Sexual Orientation Differences in Health Status and Treatment Seeking Behaviors Among Older Adults
Latinx College Student Narratives of Familism and College Persistence
Family of Origin Dynamics and Youth Sexual Development
State-Wide Developmental Education Reform
Voices of African Descent Bisexual Women
Weathering the Storm
Differences in Employment Outcomes between Persons with and Wthout Disabilities
Maternal Fear for Sons and Daughters and Its Effect on Children's Outdoor Activity
Golden for Whom?