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Psychosocial Predictors of Adherence and Long-Term Health and Medical Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Organ          Transplantation
Effect of a Music Therapy Intergenerational Program on Children and Older Adults' Intergenerational Interactions, Cross-Age          Attitudes, and Older Adults' Psychosocial Well-Being
Victim-Perpetrator Relationship in the Crime of Rape
Multi-Year Study of Policies That Affect the Abortion Rate at the State Level
Relationships Between Age of Disability Onset, Adaptation to Disability, and Quality of Life Among Older Adults with Physical Disabilities
Exploratory Study of Jamaican Family and Consumer Sciences Educators' Attitudes Toward Research Engagement, Perceptions of Research Norms, and Perceived Control          over Conducting Research and Research Engagement
Effects of Sensory Cues on Quantity and Quality of Utterances in Conversation Groups with Individuals with Dementia
Exploring the Nature and Meaning of Art with Older Adults in Hospice