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Experimental Study of the Proton Capture on 25Al Using the 25Al(d,n)26Si Reaction in Inverse Kinematics
Pairing Correlations and Phase Transitions in Mesoscopic Systems
Emergence of Collective Phenomena in Systems with Random Interactions
High-Fold Angular Correlation Studies and the Terminating 12+ State of 24Mg
Quantum Tunneling and Scattering of a Composite Object
Thermonuclear Flashes on H/He Accreting Co White Dwarfs and Structure of Exotic Nuclei
Clustering in ¹⁸O and ANC Measurements Using (⁶Li,D) Reactions
Study of Grain Boundaries in Ca-Doped YbBCO Thin Films
Experimental Investigations on the Nuclear Structure of the Neutron-Rich Nuclides ⁴⁴S and ²⁰O
Hadrons with Two Heavy Quarks
Clustering Phenomena in the a = 10 T = 1 Isobaric Multiplet
Structural Changes in ¹⁶¹Tm and ¹¹²Sn as a Function of Increasing Angular Momentum
Rare Exclusive Dileptonic and Radiative Decays of ΛB Baryons in Aquark Model
Relativistic Mean Field Models for Finite Nuclei and Neutron Stars
Experimental Techniques for Rare Isotope Beam Experiments, and a Study of the Breakout from the Hot CNO-Cycle Through the 19Ne(P,γ)20Na Reaction
Clustering in Light Nuclei with Configuration Interaction Approaches
Study of the ¹⁸Ne(α, p)²¹Na Reaction with ANASEN and Its Significance in the Breakout from the Hot-CNO Cycle
Cluster Structure of Oxygen Isotopes
Study of Spin Dynamics by Means of On-Chip SQUIDs
21F Higher Spin Structures in ²⁵Na and ²¹F
Configuration Space Monte Carlo Algorithm for Solving the Nuclear Pairing Problem
Detailed Spectroscopic Study of the High-Spin Structures in ¹⁶⁸,¹⁶⁹,¹⁷⁰,¹⁷¹W and ¹⁹⁶Hg and a Systematic Examination of Nuclear Structure Behavior of Rare-Earth Isotopes in the A≈160−180          Region
DC Transport in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems under Strong Microwave Illumination
Ultrafast Dynamics in Laser-Induced Warm Dense Matter and Quantum Dots
Lowest ℓ = 0 Proton Resonance in Si-26 and Its Implications for the Stellar Nucleosynthesis of Al-26.
Dark Matter Detection in Supersymmetric Models with Non-Universal Gaugino Masses
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Study for Higher Spin Structure of ³¹Si
Nuclear Structure Studies of ¹⁹O, ²⁷Mg, and ²⁹Al Using in-Beam γ-Ray Spectroscopy
Measurement of the ²⁵Al(d,n) ²⁶Si(P) Reaction at RESOLUT
Nuclear Structure Studies of 44S and 26Si
ΛC Semileptonic Decays in a Quark Model
Nuclear Structure of Neutron Rich 34P Using in-Beam Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
Investigation of the Neutron-Rich Oxygen Isotopes at the Drip Line
Experimental Efforts to Study the Nuclear Structure of ³³P and ³⁸Cl and a Theoretical Endeavor to Develop an Empirical Shell-Model Interaction
Experimental Investigations of Mass-7 Destruction in Deuteron Induced Reactions with Respect to Standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Exploring the Nuclear Structure of the A = 39 Isobars
Exotic Nuclear Deformation and the Evolution of Nuclear Structure with Angular Momentum and Excitation Energy in ¹⁵⁷Ho, ¹⁶⁶Er, and          ¹⁶⁹,¹⁷⁰Yb