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Assessing Attitude and Reincarceration Outcomes Associated with In-Prison Domestic Violence Treatment Program Completion
Effects of Arrest on Intimate Partner Violence Incidence and Revictimization
Do Macro Contexts of Women's Controllability Perpetuate Men's Control-Seeking and Facilitate Intimate Partner Violence?
Multi-Year Study of Policies That Affect the Abortion Rate at the State Level
Women's Voices on College Drinking
Determining the Efficacy of Choices
From Sin to Synapse
Effects of Degree Type, the Integration Process, and External Factors on Degree Completion for Mothers in College
Macro Level Resources and Confidentiality Practices in Social Work
Attitudes Toward Impending Social Work Educational Reforms and the Intention to Make Changes Among British Social Work Educators
Marriage and Family Therapists' Endorsement of Couples Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence
Alone, Drunk and Feeling No Pain
Relationship of Sexual Violence and High-Risk Behaviors Among Male and Female U.S. College Students
Toward a New Understanding of Intimate Partner Violence
Aging Out of Foster Care with Disabilities
Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Childhood and Young Adulthood
Latent Profile Analysis of Rumination
Lower Glass Ceiling
Understanding High-Risk Drinking in College Students
Exploration of the Effects of Primary and Secondary Trauma on Child Welfare Workers' Mental Health and Commitment to the Field
Reducing Eating Disorder Risk Factors Among Gay College-Aged Males