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Recipe for "A Premium Fruit Cake" by Mrs. Sarah Hopkins
Three students baking bread
Student using cross grain molder
Three men inspecting bread rolls
Paul Grimming making dough
Hand moulded specialty breads
Florida State University baker's club seminar
Making dough
Bread making machine
Baking class
Baking class
Baking Studies class photo
Bread making
Housekeeping begins with a naive French cook, "She's a dandy," thought the husband when he took a look.
"You brazen huzzy! You shall leave at this hour! And the least of your fault is the wasted flour."
"I'm sure Massa Brown will prefer my apple pies, And I'll not git fired fo' makin' goo goo eyes."
"Ah ha! I see why I'm forbidden the kitchen, It's because the cook is so bewitchin'."
Oh! the madam's face in the mirror shown, As he beheld the phantom of his own.
"French cooks are the dearest one can hire, But they're the kind I thoroughly admire."
"Oh! You musn't, Mr. Brown. If the madam should see, What in the world would become of me?"