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In Vitro Expansion and Functional Enhancement of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell in Cell Therapy
Effects of Lipids and Hydrophobic Surfaces on Aβ Aggregated Structures
Quantitative Analysis of Sodium Fluxes and Metabolic Changes in Migraine Using ²³Na MRI and ¹H MRS at Ultra High Field
Cryopreservation of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Aggregates Labelled with Micron-Sized Particles of Iron Oxide
LARP6 in Type I Collagen Expression and Embryonic Development
Fluorescent pH Microsensors as Indicators for Extracellular pH
Removal of aqueoues pollutants with gliding arc discharge.
Metabolic Regulation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Cell Therapy
Solid State NMR Structural Analysis of the RADA16-I Designer Self-Assembling Peptide
Influence of Reaction and Diffusion Processes on the Intracellular Distribution of Mitochondria in Muscle Fibers
Kinetically Controlled Crystal Structures in Precisely Chlorine Substituted Polyethylenes
Engineering the in Vitro Microenvironment for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion and the Formation of Three-Dimension Constructs
Multi-Component Biomimetic Approach to Bone Tissue Engineering Using Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Polyelectrolyte Dynamics in Confined Flows
Chitosan-Based Membranes Regulate Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Response in Guided Bone Regeneration
Assessments of Skeletal Muscle Architecture and Energetics by Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging and 31P Spectroscopy
Developing a Novel Two-Stage Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Enhanced Bioprocessing
Cellular Responses to Osmotic Perturbation
Engineering Neural Tissue Patterning from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Alzherimer's Disease
Intracellular MRI Contrast Agents for High Magnetic Fields
Top-down Fabrication of Microparticles for Drug Delivery and Cell Tracking
High Field Magnetic Resonance Assessments of Neurodegenerative Disease at 21.1 T
Top-down Particle Fabraction by Layer-by-Layer Assembly and Microcontact Printing
Peptide Nanostructure Formation Through Self-Assembly
Effect of Length of 1-Alkene on Melt Memory of Crystallization Above the Equilibrium Melting Temperature of Random          Ethylene Copolymers
FTIR and Microscopy Analysis of the Effect of Chlorine on Polymorphism of Precision Halogen-Substituted          Polyethylenes
Unusual Temperature Dependence of the Crystal Growth Rates of Bromine Substituted Polyethylenes
Solid-State NMR Evaluation of Molecular Structural Engineering for Controlled Peptide Self-Assembly
Conductivity Measurements in Activated Abdominal Ganglia from Aplysia Californica Using MREIT at 11.75 T
Effect of Branching Architecture on the Crystallization Behavior of Random Ethylene Copolymers
Human Pluripotent Stem Cells on Cellular Behaviors of Isogenic Cortical Spheroids
Sequence selective interactions of cationic naphthalene imide and diimide derivatives with DNA
Mathematical Model of Cerebral Cortical Folding Development Based on a Biomechanical Hypothesis
Reaction-diffusion modeling of metabolic processes in muscle.
Dynamics of oxygen delivery and energy metabolism in muscle.
Modeling of a miniaturized methanol reformer for a fuel cell system.
MR Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Model crystallization kinetics of polymorphic poly(propylenes).
Crystalline properties of propylene-1-octene copolymers.
Quantitative Analysis of Aggregated Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroids Applied to a Rodent Model of Ischemic Stroke Using 1H and 23Na MRI at 21.1 T
Applications of Polymer Gel Physics
DTI-Based Connectivity in Isolated Neural Ganglia
MR Electrical Impedance Tomography of Acetylcholine Induced Neural Activity
Metabolism and Redox Cycle in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell with Culture Induced Senescence
Role of Alpha-7 Nicotine Acetylcholine Receptors in Angiogenesis After In Vivo          Nicotine Administration
PCL-PDMS-PCL Copolymer-Based Microspheres Mediate Cardiovascular Differentiation from Embryonic Stem Cells
Cell Adhesion and Motility on Biocompatible Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Development of Microcontact Printing Techniques for Fabricating Functional Micropatterns and Microparticles for Biomedical Applications
Effects of iron supplementation on aerobic power, endurance performance, blood lactate, and body iron stores in women
DTI-Based Network Analysis of Female APP/PS1 Mouse Brains