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Predictive Sampling of Protein Conformational Changes
Self-Organization of Complex Polycrystalline Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs
Environment-Dependent Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Structure-Dependent Optical Properties and Electronic Relaxation Dynamics of Colloidal Nanoparticles
Development and Application of the Variational Two-Electron Reduced Density Matrix Complete Active Space Self-Consistent Field Method to Address the Electron Correlation Problem in Quantum Chemistry
Understanding the "Microwave" in Microwave Chemistry
Quantum Chemical Methods and Algorithms for Ground and Excited Electronic States
Applications of Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques to the Study of Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials
Advances in Mechanistic Photochemistry
Magnetometry and EPR Studies of Model Paramagnetic Complexes with Improved Magnetic Anisotropy
Understanding Structural Mechanisms of Endolytic RNA Cleavage Enzymes
Methods for Epitope Characterization of Adeno-Associated Virus Type-2 Through Antibody Neutralization Escape Mutants
Mapping of Adeno-Associated Virus 2 Immunogenic Epitopes and Cellular Receptor Binding Sites-Improving a Gene Therapy Vector
Mutations in the Human Cardiac Ca2+-Regulatory Proteins Affect the Function of the Thin Filament
Mechanism of Two Proteins Finding One Another and Forming and Stereospecific Complex
Simulation Studies of Oxidized Human Thioredoxin Ionization
Engineering the Bio-Nano Interface Using a Multi-Functional Polymer Coating
Plasmonic Nanostructures Studied Using Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy at the Limits of Spatial Precision and Temporal                 Resolution
Electronically Coupled Photon Upconversion Solar Cells via Molecular Self-Assembled Bilayers
Computational Simulations of Vortex Waves Interacting with Heterogeneities
Scroll Waves and How They Interact with Non-Reactive Spheres, Tori, and Knots
Application of Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Drug Discovery
Semiconductor Nanostructure-Based Field Effect Transistors for Biosensing          Applications
Magnetic and Spectroscopic Properties of Fe³⁺ and Mn²⁺ Doped in Model Quantum Dots
Distinguishing Förster resonance energy transfer and solvent-mediated charge-transfer          relaxation dynamics in a zinc(II) indicator
Taming and Tuning Multistate Fluorophores for White-Light Emitting Materials
Understanding and Controlling Spin-Systems Using Electron Spin Resonance Techniques
Theory and Applications of Surface Energy Transfer for 2-20 Nm Diameter Metal Nanoparticles
Quantitative Detection of Protein Electrostatic Environment via Intrinsic pKa          Calculations
Nanointaglio Fabrication of Optical Lipid Multilayer Diffraction Gratings with Applications in Biosensing
University of Bristol Intermediate Examination for the Degree of B.Sc. And Certificate in Engineering, July, 1919
Predicting the Thermodynamic Properties of Proteins Using Computer Simulations
Multiscale Simulation in Material Science and Engineering
Zn(II)-coordination modulated ligand photophysical processes – the          development of fluorescent indicators for imaging biological Zn(II) ions
Automated Analysis of Protein Side Chain Spectra