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Passing On
Pine Hill Plantation
Blueprints for plantation house
Pine Hill Plantation
Pine Hill Plantation
Woman of the Eppes family reading in a chair in the yard of the plantation
Pine Hill Plantation
Family posing in front of Pine Hill Plantation
A Frenchman's Field
Account Sales for 38 Bales Cotton, February 8, 1859
Account Current by Administrators, etc, 1838-1844
April 11, 1899 letter from Garretson, Cox & Co.
Empty form
Letter from Tallahassee, Nov. 12, 1866
Letter to Mrs. Eppes from Ida Keeling Cresap, University of Florida librarian
Couple posing in front of car at Pine Hill Plantation
Negro of the South
Through Some Eventful Years
Picking Cotton, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Joint Receipt for Florida Central, Pensacola & Georgia, and Atlantic & Gulf Railroads
Letter to Dr. Edward Bradford from Thomasville, Ga
Account Sales for 45 Bales Cotton rec'd per Sch. Suwannee from Sh Marks and sold for account & risk of Dr. Edward Bradford
Collection Permit for the Removal of Cotton
Receipt of cotton sale by Earle Cunningham & Co. Commission Merchants
Edward Bradford Esp. In a/c with J. L. Smallwood & Co.
Notice of cotton sale and account balance
Railroad receipt for cotton for E. Bradford
Account Sale of 29 Bales Cotton received per Sch. Harriet Brewster from Sn Marks, sold in Liverpool on account & risk of Dr. E. Bradford
Dr. Ed Bradford In a/c with Hodgkiss Scott & Co.
Sale No. 521, Smallwood, Hodgkiss & Co. Commission Merchants
E. Bradford Esq. In Account with Smallwood, Hodgkiss & Co.
Notice of cotton sale and account balance
Records of cotton sold by various merchants
Instructions for the delivery of cotton