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Shipboard. Dining area of the Asama Maru
Tokyo. Paul Dirac at dining table with three others
Lindau. Paul Dirac with informal group of men in dining room
Group Sitting Down for Meal
Dining Hall, Grand Union Hotel. Saratoga, Largest Dining Hall in the World.
Servant Serving Two Women a Meal
Family Prayers
Group Sitting Down for Dinner
Housekeeping begins with a naive French cook, "She's a dandy," thought the husband when he took a look.
Dining Room Girls at FSCW - Ushers
"Ah ha! I see why I'm forbidden the kitchen, It's because the cook is so bewitchin'."
Oh! the madam's face in the mirror shown, As he beheld the phantom of his own.
"French cooks are the dearest one can hire, But they're the kind I thoroughly admire."
"Oh! You musn't, Mr. Brown. If the madam should see, What in the world would become of me?"
Lower Dining Room
Upper Dining Room
Suwannee Dining Room
Suwannee Dining Room
Dining Room
Upper Dining Room
West Campus 849ers Dining