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Importance of Predictive Power in Early Screening Assessments
Applied Examination of Methods for Detecting Differential Distractor          Functioning
Psychometric Analysis of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation          Assessment
Efficiency of Predicting Risk in Word Reading Using Fewer, Easier Letters
Predicting Student-Athlete Success
Educating for Democratic Citizenship
Authentic Assessment
Guide to Quantitative and Qualitative Dissertation Research
Effects of College Career Courses on Learner Outputs and Outcomes
Socialization of U.S. Doctoral-Degree Students into Evaluation Professionals
Bibliography of CIP Theory, Research, and Practice
Comparing Reading Skills and Eye Movement Behavior of Low-Skilled Adult Readers and Typically Developing Child Readers
Teachers' Process of Change Through Action Research
State Postsecondary Education Profiles Handbook
State Postsecondary Education Structures Handbook
State Postsecondary Education Structures Handbook
State Governance of Education
State Postsecondary Education Structures Sourcebook
State Postsecondary Education Structures Handbook
Higher Education in the States
Educational Structures of the 50 States
State Postsecondary Education Profiles Handbook
State Postsecondary Education Profiles Handbook
Advanced (Measurement) Applications of Curriculum-based Measurement in Reading
Constructing School Organization Through Metaphor
Effects of Universal Preschool on Second Grade Standardized Test Scores in California
Reading Comprehension in Grade Three as a Function of Child, Item, and Passage Characteristics
Validation of the English Language Version of the Teacher Self-Regulation Scale for U.S. K-12 Teachers
The sight saving program in the public schools of Florida -- problems and recommendations for a sight saving program based on the cooperative plan involving the sight saving class at the Demonstration School, Florida State University
Background characteristics of enrollees in clothing construction classes in the Pinellas County, Florida adult home economics program
Impact of a low-intensity pedagogical model for integrating MedlinePlus exercises into middle school nutrition lessons.