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Governance dimensions and faculty perceptions of their participation in the governance of Nigerian Federal Universities
A predictive study concerning the impact of satisfactory progress and academic good standing on undergraduate enrollment at the Florida State University
Florida's public school capital outlay appropriation: A systems approach to analyzing funding cycles
An historical study of the cluster college organizational structure at two universities: Comparative case histories
Relationship Between Unemployment and College Enrollment and Success Outcomes
Forgotten Topic
To Depart or Not to Depart?
Pathway Towards Persistence
Exploring Chinese International Students' Conceptions of Academic Success in an American Graduate School
Leading the Way
Capital Funding and Institutional Growth
Exploring the Difference in Undergraduate Student Success Between Rising College Juniors and Transfer Students from the Florida College System
Demystifying the Advisor’s Role in Doctoral Students’ Persistence during the Dissertation Stage
More Modes, More Problems Examining Tutor Education in Multimodal Writing Centers
Using State Policy Determinants to Predict For-Profit Undergrraduate Enrollment Share at Degree-Granting Institutions
Constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly and association in public colleges and universities: Implications for institutional policy toward students
The conflict between confidentiality and open meetings law and its impact on the faculty promotion and tenure process in the Florida state university system
Knowing Their Values
Synthesis and assessment of standards for implementation of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in postsecondary institutions
All Together Now
Institution entrepreneurism in selected single-campus Florida community colleges
The relationship between college orientation and student effort: An exploratory study
The relationship of departmental size and complexity with the leadership behavior of college and university physical education chairpersons
An analysis of factors affecting implementation of the policy to Africanize faculty at the University of Ghana (1961-1966)
Institutionalization of staff development in Florida community colleges: Case studies of a changing climate
A political systems analysis of the NCAA Presidents Commission: 1984-1991
A study of articulation and transfer policies and practices of Catholic colleges in Pennsylvania
A study of formal actions and decisions of selected Washington State community college boards of trustees
A study of the relationship between student affairs offices and university development offices in fund-raising for student extracurricular activities
Competing Perspectives on Accountability, Authority and Autonomy as Sources of          Organizational Change
Performance Funding and Higher Education Administrators
Exemplary environmental scanning practices in support of institutional planning: Case studies at selected higher education settings
Governance of higher education in Louisiana: The process and impact of politics
Effects of Instructional Strategies Based on the Music Model of Academic Motivation on Undergraduate Mathematics Students' Subject          Learning
Faculty layoffs at the two-year college: Policy guidelines based on judicial opinion
A study of fund-raising at the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) affiliated public black colleges and universities
The legislative proviso as an instrument to view policy development in higher education: The case of Florida
Organizational Culture's Impact on the Effectiveness of Research Administration Units
Factors affecting decisions for converting small, private colleges from two-year to four-year institutions
Characteristics of established international student programs at three Florida universities
Factors and attitudes which relate to the implementation of undergraduate academic peer advising systems at Florida State University
Faculty grievances: A longitudinal study of conflict issues in the State University System of Florida
An analysis of differences in role perceptions among senior patrol officers and campus judicial officers in selected public higher education institutions in the United States
The perceived effect of work and family on work performance of university faculty
Study of Students’ Perceptions of Natural Disaster Plans and Emergency Preparedness at a Higher Education Institution
Perceived roles of consultants by users and dispensers in the allied health field in public postsecondary institutions
Differences between traditional-age and adult students with regard to selected attrition factors