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Lexical processing deficits in children with developmental language disorder
Early temperamental fearfulness and the developmental trajectory of error-related brain activity.
Evidence of a prominent genetic basis for associations between psychoneurometric traits and common mental disorders.
genetic variant brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) polymorphism interacts with hostile parenting to predict error-related brain activity and thereby risk for internalizing disorders in children.
Decomposing fear perception
Attention bias modification reduces neural correlates of response monitoring.
Neural Biomarker and Early Temperament Predict Increased Internalizing Symptoms After a Natural Disaster.
In vivo quantification of intraventricular hemorrhage in a neonatal piglet model using an EEG-layout based electrical impedance tomography array.
Attentional but not pre-attentive neural measures of auditory discrimination are atypical in children with developmental language disorder.
Unpredictability increases the error-related negativity in children and adolescents.