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Two unknown students watching spoon and fork balance on beaker with toothpick
Masks being produced for a production
Letter from Edna Hoffman Evans to Earl Vance
Letter from Louise Lisk Manow to Earl Vance
follow-up study of graduates from Lakeland High School
Current trends in the junior high school in relation to departmentalization and scheduling
Letter from Edna Hoffman Evans to Earl Vance with newspaper clipping
Selected aspects of educational philosophy with particular reference to their implementation in the basic education program at Jinks Junior High School, Panama City, Florida
Lions' Pride
Some additional ways of retaining potential early school leavers in Leon High School
description of the basic education program of the Jinks Junior High School
survey of present practices and conditions in parent-teacher organizations in Florida senior high schools
survey of the follow-up program of school-leavers used by the various Florida secondary schools
role of the classroom teacher in the guidance of high school students
Preparation for and activation of a functional democratic administration in the Walton Elementary School
analysis of the duties of the deans of girls in Florida secondary schools
Recent concepts of evaluation as applied to the evaluation of the Valdosta High School
study of the effects of selected factors upon the use of leisure time by ninth grade students in Andrews Junior High School, Andrews, Texas
study of selected causes and characterstics of dropouts from Blount Junior High School during the period 1948 to 1951
analysis of the diversified cooperative training program in Jefferson High School, Tampa, Florida
Investigating Inquiry Beliefs and Nature of Science (NoS) Conceptions of Science          Teachers as Revealed Through Online Learning
analysis of the reading interests and habits of tenth grade pupils in Walton High School
hidden cost of tuition in the secondary schools of Gadsden County, Florida
Analysis of the library contribution to the instructional program in Mirror Lake Junior High School, St. Petersburg, Florida, 1951-1952
follow-up study of the graduates of Climax High School for the years 1940-1950 inclusive
effective use of student leaders in the high school physical education program
study of pupil opinion in the Campbellton High School
administration and supervision of a high school activity program
selected annotated bibliography of fiction and non-fiction on China suitable for use with junior and senior high school students
Suggested home room programs for Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
analysis of the experienced activity program in Tomlin Junior High School
Music of the stage in the public schools of America
development of a revised handbook for the Andrew Jackson Senior High School Band
plan to improve science education in the Mainland High School, Daytona Beach, Florida
Florida Middle School Teachers' Perspective on and Preparedness for the Common Core          State Standards in Mathematics
Public relations for Palm Beach High School
An analysis of the quality and quantity of reading of selected ninth grade students in Hamilton County
Leon High School, Tallahassee, Fla.
study of the Liberty County students teenage problems, attitudes, and goals
analysis of factors which contribute to or limit the development of a program based upon teacher understanding of pupil needs in the Sarasota Senior High School
Nutritional knowledge and concepts of ninth grade students at Walton Senior High School
Sue Herndon
Construction and Implementation of a Bench-Top Aquaponic System as a Context for Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
Florida High School Graduation Ceremony
Leon High School, Tallahassee, Fla.
Sue Herndon as Majorette at Chipley High School
National Thespian Troupe 153
The relationship of the classroom teacher to trade and industrial education and industrial arts education