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Couple in Sitting Room
Three Women in Sitting Room
Three People in Sitting Room
"Wait a moment till I see what those hand prints mean! You have been to the kitchen, it's plain to be seen."
"O, you're so sweet! And those beautiful eyes! By that tricky cook I was hypnotized."
People Gathered in Sitting Room
The Derby Day. The End!!!
Group Reading in Parlor
People Sitting at Table
A Morning Call
Group of People in Sitting Room
Young Man, You Are Too Fresh
The Derby Day
People in Living Room
For The Editor's Attic
Woman and Child Praying
The Inquisitive Maid
"Oh, you wretch! this I shall not endure. I shall fire that flirt and a divorce procure."
"Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."
Three Women in Parlor
People in Sitting Room
The Adapter
Five o'clock in the Morning
Three People Sitting at Table with Flowers
Three People Sitting in Parlor
Group Sitting at Table
Couple in Parlor
Family in Sitting Room
You didn't do it? Look--don't tell me so! I'll give you just five minutes to pack and go.
"Au Revoir! Mr. Brown, a helping hand I know you'll lend, If I should need a recommend."
Behind the Scenes--An Unwelcome Caller after her Truant Spouse