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Development of data analysis for the investigation of the physical properties of polystyrene mixtures
Analysis of rheological response of high molecular weight cyclic polymer melts to percolation caused by trace contamination from linear chains
Enzymatic hydrolysis of pulp dissolved in n-methyl morpholine n-oxide and ionic liquids: a comparative study
Feasibility of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields
Kenetics of the phase and chemical changes of cellulose in NMMO/H20 solutions
Calibrating triboluminescent light to cracking in concrete structures
prototype of a centimeter-scale biomimetic fish using buckypaper composite actuators
Temperature control of a hydrogen fuel cell stack
Single cell analysis of osmosis as assessed using high-field 1H and 23Na magnetic resonance imaging
Synthesis and characterization of the self-assembling Alzheimer's [beta]-amyloid protein
Light scattering from solutions of mixtures of nanoparticles
Characterization of sarcopenic skeletal muscle using MR imaging and spectroscopy
MR analysis of structural contrast in a mouse model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a function of magnetic field
Controlling crystalline formation in selectively substituted polyethylenes
Rheology of colloidal gels
Light scattering from solutions of nanoparticles