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Acclimation of Red Tide Dinoflagellate Karenia Brevis to Higher Temperatures Results in Abnormal Morphology and Changes in Growth             Rates
Authigenic smectite clay mineral distribution in Cenozoic sediments of the Cape Roberts Project (CRP-3 Drillco RE), Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica.
Behind the Numbers: Voices of Gorubathan
Cross-Cultural Look at a Meaningful Life and a Happy Life
Empires of Halcyon
Failed State of Enterprise
Fuck Everything
Give Kids the World Cartoons
I Grew Up In Someone Else's Living Room
Interactive Illustrations of Obscure Animals
Molecular and Acoustic Analysis of a Gray Treefrog (Hyla Versicolor) Hybrid Zone
Reviving Fantasia's Toccata and Fugue
Simplified Protein Folding Simulation Using a Metropolis Monte Carlo Algorithm
Statistical Box-office Breakdown of Mainstream Cinema and an Analysis of the Trends          and Successes of the 21st Century Motion Picture Industry
TRAZOM Tableaux
What Becomes Us
When Forgiveness Matters
Why Did the Tabby Cross the Road?
Yiddishekite Concerto (for violin and chamber/reduced orchestra)