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Accuracy of the National Hurricane Center's United States Tropical Cyclone Landfall          Forecasts in the Atlantic Basin (2004–2012)
Analysis of Convective Transport of Biomass Burning Emissions in Southeast Asia
Analysis of the Extratropical Flow Response to Recurving Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Examination of the Differences in Tropical Cyclone Pressure-Wind Relationships Among          Observations, Model Analyses, and Model Forecasts
Examining Shifts in Warm-Season Near-Surface Moisture Trends in Florida
High Resolution Atmospheric Chemistry Simulation of Hurricane Sandy (2012)
Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey
IC to CG Lightning Relationships over the Tallahassee CWA
Increasing Intensity and Frequency of ENSO and its Impacts to the Southeast          U.S.
Investigating Relationships Between Rising Temperatures and Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southeastern U.S. Using Analog             Methods
Remotely Sensed Validation of Numerical Weather Prediction Estimates of Wind Speed Near Tropical Cyclones
Stratospheric Polar Vortex Warming and Cold Air Outbreaks