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Charge density waves and superconductivity in alpha-uranium
Domain Coarsening in the Hyperbolic Plane
Effective R-Matrix Parameters of the Woods-Saxon Potential
Feasibility of Using the James Webb Space Telescope for Infrared Observations of Type          Ia Supernovae at Late-time
High Pressure Fermiology of Uranium-238
Lagrange Meshes in Nuclear Physics
Magnetic Field Angles in Collapsing Molecular Clouds
Magnetocaloric Effect in CeCoIn5 Utilizing a Miniature Cell for High Magnetic Fields          and Low Temperatures
Mechanism of Two Proteins Finding One Another and Forming and Stereospecific Complex
Meson Spectroscopy
Microwave Properties of X-Ray Selected AGN
Network Theoretical Approaches to Partitioning of Red Power Grids
On-chip Cavities for Magnetic Resonance Studies
Optimization of Local Annealing Processes in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures for Spintronic Applications
Photomechanical Responses in Polymerized Azobenzene and Application to          Heliostats
Physics of Compact Stars
Search for Large Extra Dimensions via Single Photon plus Missing Energy Final          States
Self-Dual Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Semiconductor Nanostructure-Based Field Effect Transistors for Biosensing          Applications
Studies in Developing a Particle Flow Algorithm for the New CMS Forward Calorimetry          Upgrade
Study of the e/pi ratio for the shashlik detector via simulated proton collision          events
Three Body Coulomb Problem
W Boson Production Charge Asymmetry in the Electron Channel