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Adaptation of Ultra-Precise Atomic Mass Measurement Techniques to Microwave          Spectroscopy on a Single Molecular Ion by Detecting Polarizability Shifts in a Penning          Trap
Digitally Controlled Four Harmonic Buncher for FSU LINAC
Exploration into the Photoproduction of Proton-Antiproton Pairs
Finite Lattice Size Corrections The Energy-Momentum Dispersion
Lagrange Meshes in Hardronic Physics
Monte Carlo Simulations for Future Geoneutrino Detectors
Observation of Neurological Effects of Manganese in the Adult Male Zebra Finch
Quantum Compiler for Topological Quantum Computation
Synthesis and Characterization of SN Doped CEIN3
Validating Monte-Carlo Distributions in the Search for the Higgs Boson