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Are Implicit Learning Abilities in Language and Music Related?
Behavioral Assessment of Finger-Counting on SNARC
Coordinated Gambling Feedback Processing Indexed by Feedback Negativity and Reward          Positivity ERP Components, and Pupil Dilation
Developing Multivariate Neurophysiological Phenotypes for Predicting          Psychopathology
Do Individual Differences in Eye Movement Scanning Predict Simulator Sickness?
Does Verb Use Affects Mood and Happiness?
Driven to Distraction?
Exploring the Robustness of Feature Based Reward Priming
Factors Correlated with Teacher Response to Child-Initiated Speech
Gaming Preferences of Aging Generations
Gender Stereotypes in Spoken Word Recognition
Influence of Age and Depression on Episodic Memory Functioning in Adulthood
Influence of Functional Health Limitations and Fluid Intelligence on Technology Use Through the Adult Lifespan
Influence of Parenthood on Perceptions of Warmth and Competence
Integratibility of Words and Their Referents into Embodied Representations
Massed vs Spaced Presentation in Cumulative Structural Priming
Recursive Reminding and Language Production
Uncovering the Structure of Skilled Performance Using Verbal Protocol Analysis
Validation of an Older GOMS Parameter for Short-Term Auditory Memory Store