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African American English and writing skills in 4th grade African American students.
comparison of long-term average spectra from three youth choirs singing in three vocal registers and two dynamic levels.
Dialect and spelling in fourth grade students.
Effects of distraction on cognitive functioning in individuals with traumatic brain injury.
Effects of interactive books on phonological awareness skills in pre-kindergarten children from low-income environments.
Effects of repeated storybook reading on the story retelling of children from low income environments
Gestures and vocalizations of children who were language delayed and children who were late bloomers.
How does children's early writing relate to language and literacy development?
Language outcomes of children who received auditory-verbal early intervention.
Projective drawing: alternative assessment of emotion in children who stutter.
Reliability of perception of uncomfortable loudeness levels of normally-hearing young adults
Social interactions of students who are deaf in the classroom.
Social validity of routines-based interventions.
Swallowing pressures in normal young adult women
The effects of cafeteria noise distraction on semantic generative naming in bilingual Spanish and English speakers.
The effects of time pressure on discourse organization of adults.
The self perceptions of adolescents who stutter.
Voice onset time in women as a function of oral contraceptive use.