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1993 federal Family & Medical Leave Act as compared to similar state legislation.
Analysis of possible oil industry ownership structures in post-war Iraq.
Analysis of Self-Employment from 2003-2013
analysis of the shift in the property tax burden due to the implementation of Florida's Save Our Homes Amendment.
Analysis of the Voting Rights Act and the success of black candidates under different election schemes
Change in US Supreme Court Justices' Voting Patterns during Economic Recessions
Cross-Cultural Look at a Meaningful Life and a Happy Life
Determining the wage sensitivity of outsourcing in the German service sector.
distribution and program design of the IMF's poverty reduction and growth facility
Effect of Economic Globalization on Transnational Terrorism a Pooled Time Series Analysis
Emission permit double auctions and market power.
Examining the robustness of the “natural resource curse” to definitions of growth
Florida High-Speed Rail
Geography, institutions, and foreign direct investment.
Impact of Receptive Tourism on the Subjective Dimension of Poverty in Peru
Inquiry into the Relationship Between Economic Freedom and Social Mobility
Living Wage vs. Minimum Wage
Political Parties and their Effect on the U.S. Economy
Regional Integration in South America
The displacement of skill differentiated labor by immigration