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Adaptation of Ultra-Precise Atomic Mass Measurement Techniques to Microwave          Spectroscopy on a Single Molecular Ion by Detecting Polarizability Shifts in a Penning          Trap
Digitally Controlled Four Harmonic Buncher for FSU LINAC
Domain Coarsening in the Hyperbolic Plane
Exploration into the Photoproduction of Proton-Antiproton Pairs
Exploratory Studies of the Photoproduced π°η Channel and Determination of          Preliminary Cross Sections
Finite Lattice Size Corrections The Energy-Momentum Dispersion
Investigation of the structure of the neutron rich nucleus 25NE
Lagrange Meshes in Hardronic Physics
Lagrange Meshes in Nuclear Physics
Meson Spectroscopy
Monte Carlo Simulations for Future Geoneutrino Detectors
Network Theoretical Approaches to Partitioning of Red Power Grids
On-chip Cavities for Magnetic Resonance Studies
Photomechanical Responses in Polymerized Azobenzene and Application to          Heliostats
Precision atomic mass measurements using single ions in a Penning trap.
Quantum Compiler for Topological Quantum Computation
Self-Dual Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Structure of the atomic nucleus around 16 O
Synthesis and Characterization of SN Doped CEIN3
The nuclear structure of 21F from the 10Be(14C,t)21F reaction and shell model validity for neutron-rich nuclei.
The study of inclinometers in a magnetic field for use at CERN
Validating Monte-Carlo Distributions in the Search for the Higgs Boson