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A list of goods for scribes
Administrative note, 1790 BCE
Damaged administrative document
Damaged sealed letter order
Delivery of dead sheep, 2053 BCE
Delivery of sheep and goats
Disbursement of garments, 2033 BCE
FSU Tablet 15
List of beer rations for high officials and priests, circa 2051 BCE
List of sheep and goats
Note about grain
Receipt of sheep and goats, 2037 BCE
Receipt of sheep and goats, 2046 BCE
Record of grain, 1788 BCE
Record of withdrawals from a sealed warehouse, 2053 BCE
Sealed account of agricultural labor
Sealed account of agricultural labor, 2039 BCE
Sealed list of cattle and fodder, 2044 BCE
Sealed note about reed bundles, 2042 BCE
Sealed receipt of fodder for sacrificial sheep, 2026 BCE
Sealed receipt of wood from bala labor, 2040 BCE
Sealed summary of regular offerings over fourteen months, 2035 - 2034 BCE