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"State" of Behavioral and Demographic Analysis of Longevity Risk: A State-Aggregated Approach to Studying the Inter-Related Effects of Financial Education and Financial Literacy
net effects of medical malpractice tort reform on health insurance losses
Competition for Outpatient Surgeries
Effects of Paid Work on Health in Later Life
Essays on Asymmetric Information and Insurance Policy
Essays on Decision-Making in the Insurance Industry
Empirical Examination of the Interrelations of Risks and the Firm's Relation with Enterprise Risk Management
Analytic Approach to Estimating the Required Surplus, Benchmark Profit, and Optimal Reinsurance Retention for an Insurance Enterprise
Medical Malpractice and Family Medicine
Financial Management for Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations
Role of the Private Health Insurance Market
Golden for Whom?
On Geography, Institutions, Human Capital, and Economic Development