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comparative evaluation of the economic cost of treating persons with AIDS in Florida under the AIDS Insurance Demonstration Project versus Medicaid
The Lion's Tale: 1930
Impact of Engagement on the Academic Success of Black Males at a Predominantly White Institution
Effects of Social Relationships and Temperament on Kindergarten Students' Use of          Literate Language
Exploratory Study of Child Care Center Directors' Response to Young Children's Challenging Behaviors and the Impact on Preschool Expulsion
Exploring Parents' Understanding and Application of Dialogic Reading While Teaching Their Preschoolers the Social Skills Associated with Courage, Empathy, and          Love
Early Childhood Developmental Screenings
"20th Century Frontierswoman"
Selection of the Most Significant Concertos for Double Bass Written since 1970
Using Theatrical Means and Performance Training Methods to Foster Critically Reflective Teaching
Slavery and Antislavery in the Founding of Georgia and New South Wales
Pre-Service Teacher Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Children and Families Headed by Same-Sex Couples
Controversy Surrounding Slave Insanity
Relationship Between Self Reported Trauma, Complicated Grief, and Depression Among College Students
Educating Children with down Syndrome in Lebanon
Relationship Between Theory of Mind, Symbolic Transformations in Pretend Play, and Children's Social Competence
Keeping It Together
FSU-Firenze 1966-67 Memories