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Geomorphology and Habitat of a Shelf Break Canyon Off Pensacola, Florida
Methods of Oil Detection in Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Bathymetric features of the Deep-C Desoto Canyon study area
Variability of Deep-Sea Meiofaunal Abundances on the Continental Rise off the West Coast of the United States
Within Community Comparisons of Lophelia Pertusa along the Norhtern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope
Influence of Sedimentary Gas Ebullition on Interfacial Transport in Permeable Marine Sands
Distinct Megabenthic Structure-Forming Communities within the Makapu'u Deep-Sea Coral Bed and Shifts in Crinoid Abundance
Octocorals of Alaska
Volume Pulsation of Small Gas Bubbles in the Surface Layer of Coastal Sands Caused by Surface Gravity Waves
Degradation of Deepwater Horizon Oil Buried in Beach, Shelf and Slope Sediments of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Dynamics of Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Remote Sensing Estimation Of Surface Oil Volume During The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout In The Gulf Of Mexico
Degradation of MC252 Agglomerates Buried in a Gulf of Mexico Sandy Beach
Erosion Chennels at the DeSoto Canyon
A Time-Series of Surface Oil Distribution Based on SAR and Regional Difference in Megafauna Abundance Related to Geomorphology and Depth Gradients in DeSoto Canyon
Analysis of Bragg Scattering of Oil Types Under Radar Microwaves
Using Changes in Biomass and Productivity to Discern Anthropogenic Impacts in Aquatic Ecosystems
Oxygen and Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics in Coastal Permeable Sediments
Deep-Sea Faunal Investigations from Macrofaunal Abundance to Harpacticoid (Crustacea Analyses of          Harpacticoids
Fate of the Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem (MCE) in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon Incident
Massive asphalt deposits, oil seepage, and gas venting support abundant chemosynthetic communities at the Campeche Knolls, southern Gulf of Mexico
Over What Area Did the Oil and Gas Spread During the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill?
Chronic, Anthropogenic Hydrocarbon Releases in the Gulf of Mexico (2)
Chronic, Anthropogenic Hydrocarbon Releases in the Gulf of Mexico
Poster Session: Geomorphic & Physical Oceanographic Processes
Dynamics of Hydrocarbon Vents
Movement and Fate of Natural and Unnatural Oil Slicks in the Gulf of Mexico