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Elephants hauling vehicles
Elephant being rinsed off by circus worker
Clowns relaxing outside a circus tent
Elephant assisting with circus tent setup
Elephant being cleaned by circus worker
Setting up a circus tent
Circus performers and workers watching television
Workers unloading a lion
Preparing costumes
Raising the trapeze bar
Practice before the show
Watching practice before the show
Circus staff sit in Griffith Stadium
Sells & Gray Lakefront Parade
European Footage, Berlin Gate, Rudy Bros. European Unit
Circus Wagons and European Travel
New Hospital Cars 1948, Show Moving on Lot, Spec, Backyard, Show in Big Top, Cristiani Teeterboard, Riding Act, Mable Stark, Jack Joyce, Akron, Ohio
Circus in the Netherlands, Amsterdam
Milwaukee Parade Return
European Circus Travel Show Setup, Circus Ramcy, Jackie Althoff bears
Winter Quarters, Hartford, Connecticut Grounds After Fire, Ed Vesteed, Rubber Bowl in Ohio
Winter Quarters, Show on the Lot, Spec, Backyard
Circus Ticket Wagon Denmark
Second Season, Winter Wonderland