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FSU Reservation Lifeguard with an Admirer
Students at the FSU Reservation
Boats at FSU Reservation
Students Playing Cards
Students at the FSU Reservation
Fun at the FSU Reservation
Aerial View of FSU Reservation
Students at Picnic Table at FSU Reservation
Edith, Doro and Rene Get Ready to Shove Off
Flo and a Fisherman
Going Thru The Chain of Lakes at Camp Flastacowo
Mary Alice Hunt and Friends at the FSU Reservation
M. Davis at The FSU Reservation
Cypress tree in Bradford Brook Channel at Tallahassee Museum, Tallahassee, Fla.
We Weren't Very Hungry
Giles O. Lofton and Two Women at Camp Flastacowo
Anicia Aleman Lofton and others on Dock at Camp Flastacowo
Giles O. and Anicia Aleman Lofton at Camp Flastacowo